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THANK YOU! The Open Solidarity initiative has now come to a close, and we would like to thank all the contributors who provided their solutions free of charge to hundreds of thousands of users during the pandemic, between March and September 2020.

A reflection on Open Solidarity

For the duration of this healthcare crisis, many companies are working in solidarity with one another to offer remote working, collaboration and healthcare hosting solutions. In response to the call to action from Cedric O, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs in France, we launched #Open_solidarity, a collective, open and global initiative for digital support. Its aim was to make reliable, free tech solutions more widely available by offering OVHcloud infrastructures free of charge during this unprecedented period.

We would like to thank all the contributors who, by joining this initiative, have participated in national efforts around the world. Hundreds of thousands of users were able to keep their businesses up and running with the solutions provided free of charge by our partners. It has been a great demonstration of what mutual aid, collaboration and cooperation can bring to the community! #InnovationForFreedom

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Online on 03rd, 04th & 05th November 2020

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Our partners will continue to support you

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the companies that have worked together to tackle this complicated situation.



Sotrender is a tool for analyzing social media marketing performance. You can also use the machine-learning powered Social Inbox to answer Facebook comments from one tab.

Availability: USA, UK, Western Europe, Canada, Australia


The IServ school server

IServ combines the advantages of a classic school server for network administration with a private cloud. With this solution communication, school and teaching organization can be digitized. Until the end of September, we offer a free cloud solution for schools.

Availability: Germany



Berrycast is a novel screencasting application which allows for an enriched asynchronous communicational experience through the recording of screen, webcam and sound with microphone. This application is frequently used by businesses and schools to supercharge communication and training.

Availability: Worldwide



A cloud service that allows tele-working to be easily implemented in your company without penalising the security of your communications.
Centralised management of firewalls and VPN tunnels. Based on the open-source projects and OpenVPN.

Availability: Worldwide

Pradeo Security — Mobile Threat Defence

Pradeo, the #1 mobile security player in Europe, supports companies by offering its mobile and application security services for free until September 1st 2020.

Availability: Worldwide


Know&Share — Share your knowledge

With Know&Share, SMEs can quickly map all essential information and processes,
and share it with employees regardless of their location.
The knowledge platform, including coaching, is offered free of charge for three months.

Availability: Worldwide

OVHcloud Exchange

The Exchange business email solution - a market standard

The OVHcloud Exchange solution is the result of a partnership with Microsoft to cover licences free of charge. It offers many features, such as contact and calendar sharing, email syncing across all devices, and file sharing — and it is all hosted in OVHcloud’s European datacentres, making it GDPR compliant.

Availability: France, Belgium and the French-speaking region of Switzerland.


novaTime — Your everyday helper for time management and tasks

The novaTime solution is a collaborative software program that can be used in different situations like project management, for participants and in crisis scenarios. This tool is ideal for managing the crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic.

Availability: France and French-speaking countries

Instant Visio

Instant Visio — Video calls

An ultra-simple video calling tool. The service is free of charge, with no signup or password required, no setup needed, and your personal data is not used.

Availability: Worldwide


UDS Enterprise: virtual desktops and applications

A multi-platform system to ensure management, remote access and high availability for both virtual and physical workplaces. This efficient, secure backup and contingency solution can resolve daily or exceptional situations. It is very cost-effective, and aimed at educational entities, public administrations, and companies of all sizes.

Availability: Worldwide


Link2Pay by PayTweak

Link2Pay by PayTweak is the universal remote payment solution for businesses, merchants and freelancers. In a few clicks, create your free account and connect your bank in order to cash in by SMS, email or WhatsApp directly to your bank account — securely from start to finish.

Availability: Worldwide


XignIn Business for the secure home office

The XignIn business solution by XignSys is an authentication solution for companies, which provides secure access to company data or applications to prevent cyber attacks.

Availability: Worldwide


FlatCurve App - Together against Corona

The FlatCurve App by XignSys serves as a platform for information exchange and collaboration to address citizens' concerns about the corona pandemic, to relieve administrations and health care institutions and to organize processes more efficiently.

Availability: Worldwide

Irontec Meet

Irontec Meet is a free video conferencing and collaboration platform, based on Jitsi's open source technology, and localized to English, Spanish and Basque. It is now available to everyone, whether they are companies, administrations, schools, universities, groups of friends, families, etc.

Availability: Worldwide



A 100% healthcare-dedicated video calling solution, to stop patients and nursing home residents from feeling as isolated by keeping them in touch with their families and loved-ones. It is completely secure and hosted in France, with a specially-adapted intuitive interface to make it as widely accessible as possible.

Availability: Worldwide


A voice AI for healthcare to combat the COVID-19 crisis

A national phone number to contribute to the collection of anonymised data, and ensure real-time monitoring of the epidemic throughout France. This solution will help with the lifting of confinement measures, and immediately detect any potential resurgence outbreaks.

Availability: France (including French Overseas Departments and Territories)


Planet BOFA - A custom online learning tool

BOFAclassroom is a 100% GDPR- and Safeguarding-compliant online learning tool designed with schools in mind. Lessons can be added to with slides, video and our whiteboard tool, while teachers will be able to set and mark homework too. BOFAclassroom will be free with any BOFA Subscription and free to all schools during closures.

Availability: United Kingdom


Educode offers courses, seminars, content, software, documentation, tutorials and other tools for schools, teachers, students, and all those who want to learn and believe that education is a right for all. Everything is under the CC-BY-SA licence, the Wikipedia licence, and is free during the confinement.

Availability: Worldwide


WithYou.LINAGORA - free videoconferencing, with privacy by design and no data collection

WithYou.LINAGORA is a free and open videoconferencing platform. It is based on Jitsi free software, a SaaS videoconferencing platform which can be secured by password and respects your data. No personal data is collected.
For your meetings, for teachers, students, nurses and doctors, for families, for each of us, WithYou.LINAGORA allows you to discuss, exchange and stay connected to each other, securely.

Availability: Worldwide


DigDash Enterprise - a full-web dynamic dashboard solution in hosted security mode

DigDash Enterprise is easy to use and configure, enabling you to manage, explore and transfer your data both internally and externally through graphic, dynamic dashboards that are simple to use. With DigDash Enterprise, you can share real-time information on data development and tracking, so that you can take the best decisions as quickly as possible.

Availability: Worldwide



Paylib is France’s most popular mobile payment solution. It is offering its solution free of charge to professionals who are working during the confinement period, so that they can receive remote payments via their mobile phones. Payments are processed in less than 10 seconds, and sent directly to the worker’s bank account.

Availability: France.



A French platform dedicated to healthcare establishments so that they can quickly match their non-nursing backup, and the contributions offered by volunteering professionals in their area.

Availability: France.


Nucleon Security — protection against cyber-attacks and data leaks

This plug-and-play solution will adapt automatically to your work sector. Nucleon Smart Endpoint blocks cyber-attacks and data leaks using the zero-trust paradigm and machine learning.

Availability: European Union


Video calling to stay in touch with your loved-ones

Presensio is a video conferencing solution hosted in France. It is easy to use, secure, respectful of personal data, and adapted to suit everyone’s needs — whether they involve remote working in both meetings and open-space settings, and calls with friends and family. This way, distance does not mean loneliness — and parents and children can use it too. It can also be used to live-stream different types of content (multi-streaming) for artists, influencers, teachers and trainers.

Availability: European Union


Sarbacane — helping companies communicate during the crisis

Sarbacane offers online solutions to help companies communicate via email, SMS and instant messaging with their customers, prospects, colleagues and partners. For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, Sarbacane has set up a free solution.

Availability: Germany, Spain and France.


Sygma Connect — a remote access solution for computers, similar to TeamViewer

With Sygma Connect, any companies who do not ready to work from home can now access their computers remotely using this simple solution, and connect their office computers to their home computers.

Availability: Worldwide


ONE, an educational social network for organising primary school classes remotely

ONE is a secure work and discussion platform designed specifically for primary school students. Through its applications (multimedia notebooks, a timeline, a wiki, and more), teachers, students and parents can collaborate and communicate with each other to ensure a seamless educational experience.

Availability: Worldwide


SociallyUp - an employee engagement & advocacy platform

SociallyUp helps businesses reinforce the link between the company and its employees. It offers many useful features to improve engagement, including corporate and monitoring content sharing, employee surveys, information walls, a chat tool, and more.

Availability: France and French-speaking countries



Worteks offers video-conferencing spaces that can be accessed by anyone who wants to organise a meeting, a professional training course, a teaching course, and even family video calls.

Availability: Worldwide


Windex GED — a SaaS-mode Electronic Document Management solution

Windex GED software is easy to use, and enables you to store, share and manage documents from all departments in your company. You can process and validate documents without performing manual tasks, search documents with the search engine and full-text indexing, create document validation workflows according to business rules, and get secure access to your data.
Windex GED is accessible anywhere and anytime — whether you are on-site, on the move, or working remotely.

Availability: Worldwide


Citadel Team - Trusted secure instant messaging - THALES

With Citadel Team, you can start calls and send messages instantly, free of charge. Create groups to chat to all your colleagues, share documents, videos and photos in high quality and confidentially.

Availability: Worldwide


Cryptobox - The most secure cloud-based file sharing and collaboration solution

This solution has received the Standard qualification from the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI), the Diffusion Restreinte (restricted information) certification, and CC EAL3+ certification. This means the documents you store and share have end-to-end encryption, as though each user is on a secure VPN to share files.
You can access all of your shared document on Android and iOS devices, via your web browser, or directly on your PC or Mac.

Availability: Worldwide


Shockbyte's Minecraft for Educators Program

Educational servers offer many ways to use the game for learning. Students can build projects together, read, write and share stories or look through display rooms as a group. You can also download pre-made worlds, which could be for lessons templates, or allowing students to visit historical (or fantasy) places in-game.

Availability: Worldwide


Remote working with a 100% availability objective

For the duration of the epidemic, use ServiceNav to ensure availability and high performance for your remote working IT services. Full monitoring for your remote working environments: VPN, VDI, Teams, Skype Entreprise, Citrix, and more.
Objectives: Gathering, availability and usage indicators, dashboards to support your communication.

Availability: Worldwide


Arzen: Confidential online storage

Arzen online storage is specially designed to offer you total confidentiality, and maximum simplicity. Your files are encrypted using a key that only you have — making it invisible to everyone else.

Availability: Worldwide

LAF School

LAF School

LAF School is a remote teaching platform created by a team of teaching students. It focuses on student needs, drafting up a training programme for each student and collecting all of the class training activities, both online and in-company.
On the 18th March 2020, LAF School signed a memorandum agreement with the Italian MIUR (Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) to offer its platform to all schools in Italy, free of charge.

Availability: Worldwide


A collaboration and work management platform

Kantree covers all aspects of teamwork — project and process management, calendars, tasks, and more. It is very flexible and easy to use, and can be used by all of your company’s teams.

Availability: Worldwide

My Collaborate

My Collaborate - a fully customisable communication solution

My Collaborate is a corporate communication tool that can be used for for instant messaging, audio and video calls, and file/screen-sharing within your work groups. They are currently offering a 6-month licence to support companies with remote working.

Availability: Worldwide


EasyBroadcast Streaming Solution

EasyBroadcast streaming solutions can be used to live-stream events, lessons, speeches and much more — so that you can deliver your content to a wide audience. Our patented technology ensures high quality service, no matter how big your audience is.

Availability: Worldwide


Visio4You: Fully-encrypted video conferencing, free of charge

Visio4You is France’s first fully-encrypted video conferencing solution. It is useful for video and audio conferences, chats, webinars, and much more. It works using a robust, easy-to-use cloud platform.

Availability: Worldwide

Toute Mon Année Share, work, communicate

Toute Mon Année is a free platform that ensures educational continuity and communication between teachers, families, and primary school students. It includes a liaison book, a digital textbook, a media library, a class newspaper. It includes a parent-teacher contact book, a digital textbook, a multimedia library, a class newspaper, a messaging tool, and much more.

Availability: Worldwide

Mise Sur Orbite

Nextcloud: Server installation and configuration

Use Nextcloud for easier collaboration with your colleagues, customers, suppliers, and partners. You can use it for file-sharing, chat, video conferencing, calendars, notes, contacts, and much more. And it is 100% GDPR-compliant.

Availability: France.


A collaborative platform, perfect for remote working

Talkspirit is a collaborative platform to support day-to-day business, especially for remote working (chat tools, video conferencing, groups, etc.). As part of Open Solidarity, they are offering their solution free of charge until 01st July 2020 for the healthcare and education sectors.

Availability: Worldwide


Lina Cloud Backup - for backing up portable and fixed desktops in SaaS mode

With remote working, data is more exposed to cyberattacks that compromise business continuity. Atempo offers free access to Lina Cloud Backup, so you can protect user desktop data. The data is stored on OVHcloud’s high-security cloud.

Availability: European Union


An administrative management solution

Orderly specialises in administrative management for businesses.
As experts in this field, they support customers by providing them with powerful video conferencing tools, cloud storage spaces, and ERP solutions.

Availability: France.

Reel IT

Virtual desktops

Reel IT has joined the Open Solidarity initiative to offer a remote working solution. They are offering cloud-based virtual desktops free of charge for the duration of the crisis.

Availability: France.



Postclass is a free communication and collaboration application for teachers and students, to ensure that they continue receiving education from home (worksheet sharing, document sharing, instant messaging, repositories for individual work, etc.)

Availability: Worldwide


Work remotely for free during the coronavirus crisis

With the ALLOcloud Web Meeting service, you can hold secure virtual meetings (audio and video conferences, presentations, whiteboards, document sharing, screen sharing, etc.) from your PC or smartphone. Simply send a URL to the people invited.

Availability: Worldwide


A private cloud for sharing your teaching resources

Get a Nextcloud space free of charge, equipped with 100GB storage per user. Store and share your resources securely with your students, and collaborate remotely with your colleagues. Data hosted in France.

Availability: France and Belgium.


Free support for setting up an OVHcloud telephony service

Transacom has in-depth expertise in OVHcloud telephony services, and is offering its teams’ support free of charge to configure exceptional closure messages, call transfers, or remote working setups.

Availability: France, Belgium and the French-speaking region of Switzerland.


UbiCast MediaServer

UbiCast MediaServer is a private video platform that enables users to record a webcam and/or screen, and share short videos, presentations and tutorials as media with comments, external links, and much more in just a few clicks.

Availability: France, Belgium, Switzerland.


Free online courses, open to all

FUN-MOOC is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform, created by French and Francophone higher education institutions. The main aim of the platform is to deliver high-quality educational content free of charge, to as many people as possible.

Explore our catalogue of lessons, and start learning now.

Availability: Worldwide


Izeeconf - a video conference solution

Izeeconf is a simple, immersive video conference solution offered by Apizee. Use this free solution to create video conferencing rooms, and organise virtual meetings from your home. Video conferences work directly via a web browser — so there is no need to download and install applications, or create accounts for the invitees.

Availability: Worldwide


Remotely managed digital learning platforms for education

Platforms for educational institutions, to connect teachers and students. Educintel delivers solutions for various professional baccalaureates, and brevets de technicien supérieur (BTS, an advanced vocational diploma in France).

Availability: France.


An all-in-one collaborative platform

Netframe is a collaborative platform you can use to set up a company social network, internal messaging, a video conference solution, manage documents, set up validation circuits, and manage projects.

Availability: Worldwide


Remote collaboration

Rainbow is an intuitive, cloud-based multi-device platform that has been designed to enable its users to securely and effectively collaborate from anywhere. With a wealth of essential communication capabilities, users benefit from quality interactions facilitated by features such as real-time messaging, large file transfers (with built-in antivirus software), high definition peer-to-peer or group conferences, and bespoke integrations to existing processes, applications, infrastructure, or workflows.

Availability: Worldwide (except China)


Corporate social network

Communicate and collaborate with your colleagues in real time. Perfect for project management, instant messaging, intranet publications, and collaborative work. Desktop and mobile versions are available, for both iOS and Android.

Availability: Worldwide (except China and Russia)


Remote working solutions

Coronavirus: Systancia has answered Cédric O's call to action, and is offering free access to its Systancia Gate remote working solution, with the support of OVHcloud.

Availability: Worldwide (except China and Russia)


A collaborative platform to suit your needs

Whaller is a platform that allows users to create their own private and secure social networks. The respect and confidentiality of users’ data is our cornerstone. Thanks to an exclusive system of sealed "spheres", users can create and manage an infinite number of social networks from a single account.

Availability: European Union


Store and share your data for free

In this period of widespread remote working, get a cloud hosted in France. You can use it to manage users and their storage spaces, store company documents and share them with employees, and offer secure access to specific documents for customers, providers and partners.

Availability: France, Belgium, Switzerland.


Cybersecurity solutions

This French cybersecurity solution is able to anticipate and neutralise threats such as spyware and ransomware. It does this using many modules, including its EDR (Endpoint Detection Response).

Availability: Worldwide

OVHcloud conferences

Telephone conference calls

It can be difficult to move to work remotely and communicate simultaneously with a number of people. Get them all on the same conference call.

Availability: France, Germany, Spain, UK, Belgium, Switzerland.

OVHcloud conferences

Mass SMS distribution solution

Need to reach out to remote workers quickly and efficiently? We can support you via our platform, with our SMS solutions (a renewable pack of 1,000 SMS messages).

Availability: France & Spain

OVHcloud conferences

A secure, custom business email solution

Need secure email exchanges, with a custom email address? Try the Email Pro solution.

Availability: Worldwide

OVHcloud continues to offer infrastructures to manage business peaks

OVHcloud offers a wide range of infrastructure services across our universes: Public Cloud, Bare Metal Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud. Software publishers, startups and service companies can easily offer their remote working, communication, healthcare and other solutions to SMEs and individuals. These infrastructures will be available in most OVHcloud datacentres across Europe, Canada and the US.

OVHcloud conferences

Dedicated Servers

We offer several ranges of high-performance, versatile dedicated servers that suit the most resource-intensive requirements, and handle traffic spikes for your infrastructure.

  • RISE-1 and RISE-2 for standard hosting and application requirements
  • ADV-4 for virtualisation, VDI and multi-tasking type workloads

Availability: Worldwide

OVHcloud conferences

Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud combines the scalability of the cloud with a 100%-dedicated hardware infrastructure. Infrastructure virtualisation is powered by VMware technology, and entirely managed by OVHcloud.

Availability: Worldwide

OVHcloud conferences

Public Cloud

The OVHcloud Public Cloud offers a wide range of cloud solutions, billed on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Use the OpenStack API or our own OVHcloud Control Panel to manage your cloud services, including storage, instances, volumes, Managed Kubernetes, Spark-as-a-Service, and much more.

Availability: Worldwide

Our global community of contributors has invested to offer their solutions free on OVHcloud infrastructures — which guarantees them freedom and fundamental rights, specifically data protection rights.